an enterprise application that connects businesses to their suppliers, manufacturers, banks, and the rest of their supply chain

Moving Stuff Around

This supply chain management tool is a powerful application offered within our product suite. I worked with the team to develop their filter management and live-data map along with general usability improvements in preparation for their beta release, testing with huge global shipping and technology companies.


Through the application, businesses can track, contact, and receive updates from every part of their supply chain. The main control center's live data map allows users to view the status of shipments as they travel from A to B, all while tracking and managing issues in real time. Users can view air, land, and sea vessels and can additionally track individual shipment pallets through RFID if they so choose.


Live Data

Users can click on a location or object and view its active issues, issue resolution history, and inventory detail. From this high-level detail view, they can drill into each section and discover issues at every stage of the supply chain, sorted by urgency — warehouse stockouts, air traffic, damaged shipment pallets, etc. The product can also predict issues based on inventory tracking and reporting anywhere within the supply chain.


Filter Management

Considering the huge amount of available data, we had to accommodate custom views. It might be somebody’s job to track “All Late Outbound Cotton T-Shirt Orders From Buenos Aires To Giza” and nothing else, or a regional manager might want to toggle between order statuses within the entirety of Southeast Asia.

Users needed to be able to populate these categories with their desired item tag and move between the many categories with ease. We optimized the form to accommodate type-ahead search and tab key navigation.


This project was such a cool exercise in learning about a bunch of data types and how they connect to each other, and giving people the power to distilll it down to what they need to see at any given time. It was also my first time watching a product I worked on ship out to customers and recieve overwhelmingly positive feedback!☺☺